Forum Editorial: Fargo’s City Attorney Gets Roses

PRAIRIE ROSES: To longtime Fargo City Attorney Garylle Stewart, who’s been keeping the city out of legal trouble for nearly 36 years and shows no signs of wearing down.

Fargo Mayor Bruce Furness called Stewart’s knowledge of the law and of city history remarkable. Officials say Stewart knows city ordinances backwards and forwards because he wrote most of them himself.

While most folks Stewart’s age, 63, are at least starting to think about retirement, the workaholic city attorney has no such plans. He likes what he’s doing and plans to stick around until he keels over. In the meantime, the city of Fargo will continue to be the beneficiary of his vast experience and legal knowledge. We have to admit we knew Stewart fulfilled a very important role, but we didn’t know he knew all that and did all those things.

We’re impressed and our hats are off to you, Mr. Stewart, for all that you do for the citizens of this great city. Thank you.