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A new study out this month about the rate of emergency room injuries to kids from amusement park and rides is causing some parents to take greater safety measures when planning their summer fun. This study, the first of its kind to look at ER visit for kids injured on these rides, studied these statistics for a 20 years period.

More than 90,000 cases of kids injured in amusement parks were studied. Of those, more than 70 percent were injured in the summer months. What that means is that, we are about to enter the most dangerous season when amusement park, state fair, carnival and mall rides are in peak use. The number of injuries taking place over just a few months, is nearly averaging 4,500. That’s upwards of 20 daily injuries from May through September.

Parents expect the amusement parks, carnivals and fairs they take their children to play in to be regulated, maintained and monitored for safety. The reality is that the Consumer Products Safety Commission no longer holds authority over fixed-site amusement type rides and games. Therefore, their oversight authority is limited to mobile rides and games such as those at carnivals. And, because the CPSC is a small agency with limited budgets consumers should be alert.

There’s no reason to cancel the vacation plans or rip up those carnival tickets. There are just some safety tips to keep in mind when enjoying the thrills of summer at amusement parks and rides.

First, look around. Take some time to look around the park and rides when you first arrive. Check for disclaimers, read signs, and safety notices. It may be tempting to find your favorite ride and get in line, but it is best to check out your surroundings before you do. Even if it is a carnival or fair you are familiar with, it is still advisable to check out the rides. Whether, transport and use have an incredible wearing effect on mechanics, materials and equipment over time. Listen to how the rides sound and watch how they operate.

Follow your instincts. The most important rule to follow is, trust your gut. If a game or ride makes you suspect it is unsafe, in bad repair or dangerous, don’t ride it! Don’t take the risk. It is not worth your health or well being. There are better ways to spend your summer than recovering from a serious injury.

Follow the rules. There are usually height, weight, age, health requirements on rides and games. If you are violating the rules, and or sticking your hands outside the ride, not wearing safety equipment or guards, or otherwise being obnoxious or unsafe – – then you are not only endangering yourself, you are also endangering the other patrons, and even the property of the facilities. If someone is too young, immature, or afraid to handle a ride – – stay off. Everyone will be better off in the long run.

Even the best safety advice cannot prevent every accident. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury from a faulty or unsafe game or ride, you may be entitled to compensation for damages to property or person. Solberg Stewart Miller Law Firm has experts in product liability and personal injury that can advise you about your rights as a consumer. Solberg Law Firm in ND or MN are ready to help your family receive the compensation and care that you are entitled to.