Deadly Roadways and Other Auto Accident Nightmares

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2013 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Back in 2007, a terrible accident occurred on I-95 in East Lyme involving a tanker truck, tractor-trailer, and various cars. There were several people killed, and several more seriously injured. Now, nearly 6 years later, a multi-million dollar lawsuit involving various plaintiffs is finally headed to court.

Witnesses allege that the tractor-trailer and truck were seen racing and weaving dangerously on the roadway prior to the accident. Three people died at the scene and their estates are suing for wrongful death. For the survivors, there is a laundry list of damages including expenses, lost wages, and other income, pain and suffering, and medical treatment costs.

In many car accident cases there may be more than one party involved, and complicated legal issues including corporate representation of parties (such as this case where there are professional truck drivers) versus individuals with their insurance companies. There are also complications depending on the severity of the accident, especially where one or more parties have severe injuries requiring lengthy recovery, surgical procedures, total disability, or involving the loss of life.

The last thing anyone wants to deal with in a time of recovery and trauma following a motor vehicle accident is arguing with insurance agents and facing legal proceedings. That is why it is especially important to choose an experienced legal advisor that can take over the legal concerns and let you get back to recovery and healing. Solberg Stewart Miller in Fargo, ND has a team of legal professionals specialized in cases of wrongful death, personal injury and auto accidents. If you are in ND or MN, contact the experienced lawyers at Solberg Law Firm at (701) 401-8588. Contact a Fargo Car Accident Attorney today.