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Mass Torts

Sometimes a large company oversteps its authority and tramples the rights of ordinary folks. Other times, the negligent acts of a large company cause a catastrophic accident that injures a large number of people. In instances such as these in which numerous individuals have collectively been affected by a single product or incident, they can come together to form a lawsuit known as a mass tort.

Solberg Stewart Miller is currently investigating and representing plaintiffs in several mass tort cases, including lawsuits against the makers of Zantac and certain hernia mesh products. If you or a loved one has been affected by one of the above, or have questions about participating in another mass tort claim, schedule a free consultation with one of our Fargo class action lawsuit lawyers right away.

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What Is The Difference Between Mass Torts And Class Actions?

Mass torts and class actions both involve large numbers of people coming together to sue a single entity. They have many similarities and may even go hand in hand in some cases. However, there are some key differences between the two.

In a mass tort claim, each plaintiff has their own individual claim calling for reimbursement for unique damages. Mass tort claims may go to trial if not settled outside of court.

A class action lawsuit does not consider each person’s claims individually; instead, whatever settlement or verdict is decided upon is split evenly among each participating plaintiff.

Whether or not plaintiffs and their lawyers decide to file a mass tort lawsuit or a class action comes down to the damages suffered. In a class action, the plaintiffs likely all suffered in a similar way whereas in a mass tort the plaintiffs probably have varying types of injuries.

What Are The Benefits Of Mass Tort Claims?

Mass torts are an advantageous way to collect damages for medical bills and other accident expenses if a large number of people have suffered at the hands of a single entity. Mass tort claims and class actions often go against the manufacturers of defective prescription drugs or companies that spread toxic chemicals. This way, everyone affected can file a joint claim regardless of where they live or when their injury occurred.

A mass tort can be very efficient and cost-effective. Everyone involved in the claim can benefit by sharing the same evidence and research while also being able to take their individual case to trial or work out the settlement amount that works best for them. This gives plaintiffs both the advantage of pooling resources while also maintaining autonomy for themselves and their chosen attorney.

Our Representative Cases

Solberg Stewart Miller has spearheaded and assisted with many local and national mass tort and class action claims over the years. We are especially interested in taking claims regarding defective products and bad drugs but are happy to speak with anyone who may have a claim.

Our firm is currently involved in the following mass tort cases:

  • Camp Lejeune toxic water claims: Exposure to the water at Camp Lejeune between January 1953 and December 1987 has been linked to a wide variety of health concerns. The Camp Lejeune Justice Act allows victims to seek compensation for harm caused by the toxic exposure.
  • Talcum powder lawsuits: Talcum powder, which is used in products such as baby powder, has been associated with ovarian cancer, mesothelioma, and lung disease.
  • Tainted baby formula: Powdered baby formula is not sterile, which means it may contain contaminates from dust particles to dangerous bacteria. Currently, no manufacturing methods exist to make infant formula sterile. If you believe your child has come in contact with baby formula products containing cronobacter sakazakii bacteria, you may have a legal claim.
  • Paraquat claims: Getting involved in paraquat litigation by filing a paraquat and Parkinson’s disease lawsuit could lead to a large settlement or verdict. You may be able to seek compensation for your medical expenses, missed wages, pain and suffering, and changes to your quality of life.
  • Hernia mesh lawsuits: Most people filing hernia mesh lawsuits have suffered injuries such as infection, mesh failure, mesh migration, bowel obstruction, and seroma.
  • Zantac lawsuits: The heartburn drug was recently discovered to contain traces of a cancer-causing substance called NDMA that has affected many.

In the past, Solberg Stewart Miller was at the forefront in handling one of North Dakota’s largest group claims in history — the Canadian Pacific Railway train derailment in Minot on Jan. 18, 2002. The accident released a cloud of toxic ammonia over most of the city of Minot. With us, our clients were able to receive successful settlements from the company.

We have also represented hundreds of clients in Fen-Phen claims, Vioxx claims, and cases against other pharmaceutical manufacturers.

In another major large group claim, our firm represented about 100 North Dakota landowners who had claims against BNSF, AT&T, and Sprint relating to the installation of fiber optics.

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