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You are a safe driver. You never expected to be in a car crash in North Dakota, but the other guy was speeding, did not stop, or simply did not look. Now you have medical bills, lost wages, and pain to deal with — at no fault of your own. For over 50 years, Solberg Stewart Miller has represented car accident victims throughout North Dakota and Minnesota.

Should You Hire An Attorney For A Car Accident?

An experienced car accident attorney can help you fight for and receive the just compensation you owned for being wrongfully injured by another motorist’s negligence. You and your loved ones may be entitled to
financial payment for damages resulting from a car accident such as:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Emotional distress
  • Physical pain and suffering

Get honest, accurate legal advice from a Fargo car accident law firm that has been helping people like you for more than 50 years. Call us now at 877-237-3166 or contact us online.

Common Car Accident Causes And Injuries

Though some car accidents are caused by bad luck or pure happenstance, many occur due to human error. If a motorist partakes in reckless driving or behaves carelessly behind the wheel, serious accidents can occur — which should have been preventable.

Some of the most common causes of car accidents are:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Drugged driving
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Fatigue
  • Inclement weather
  • Running stop lights

Plenty of car accidents result in minor to no injuries for the people involved, but even seemingly minor crashes can lead to serious complications. Whiplash is one of the best examples of this. Whiplash, the rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck caused by a sudden and forceful jolt, is a common car accident injury. In some cases, a victim experiences neck pain that lasts for a few short weeks; in others, whiplash can lead to permanent brain damage. Always see a doctor just to be sure.

Other common car accident injuries include:

  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken ribs
  • Knee trauma
  • Internal bleeding

What To Do After A Car Accident

The immediate aftermath of a car accident is a crucial period during which you should collect as much evidence as possible, especially while it is fresh.

After a car accident you should always do the following:

  • Seek medical attention: First and foremost, call an ambulance if you or anyone involved has been seriously injured. If you’ve been hurt badly, ignore the next steps and speak with a lawyer about what to do next once you are able.

  • Take pictures of the crash scene: Photograph as much as you can, including the position of the cars, the location of the impact, any tire skid marks, damage to property, and bodily injuries.

  • Collect information from motorists and witnesses: Talk to the other drivers involved in the crash and write down their names, contact information, license plate numbers, and insurance policy details. Collect the names and contact information of any witnesses as well.

  • File an accident report: Call the police to the scene. They will investigate and document the crash themselves, which can help provide additional evidence to support your personal injury claim.

  • Go to the doctor: If your injuries weren’t bad enough that you had to be rushed to a hospital right away, go see a doctor as soon after an auto accident as you can. Not only can a doctor check for invisible injuries you may have sustained, but having medical records documenting accident-related
    treatment on file will strengthen your personal injury claim.

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