Case Results


Head and Neck Injuries

Our client endured head and neck injuries at a construction site after an employee from another company lost control of a crane causing the ball to hit our client.


Head-On Collision

Our client endured multiple fractures that resulted in 8 surgeries after the defendant crossed the center line causing a head-on collision. As compensation for both our client’s injuries and significant lost wages, we were able to obtain $500,000.


Hand Injury

Our client endured severe hand injuries after a concrete truck backed into him at a construction site.


Traumatic Brain and Neck Injuries

Our client endured traumatic brain and neck injuries after the defendant crossed the centerline, striking our client’s vehicle.


Trip and Fall

Our client tripped on a step when entering the US Post Office and sustained numerous fractures. After the United States contested liability, we were able to attain a $315,000 result on behalf of our client.


Medical Malpractice

After a surgeon improperly cut tendons during knee surgery, the lawyers at Solberg Stewart Miller were able to obtain $300,000 on behalf of or client.

$275,000 For Each Victim

Chemical Exposure

Two of our clients suffered respiratory injuries at work after being exposed to chemicals.


Septic Infection

We obtained a $250,000 medical negligence settlement after a surgeon caused a tear in our client’s esophagus during an endoscopy.


Auto Accident

After the defendant failed to yield, our client suffered numerous back injuries that resulted in significant medical treatment.


Hand Injury

As a result of faulty bar equipment, our client endured a severe hand injury.


Pedestrian v. Car Accident

$100,000 policy limits result. Our client was hit by a car while walking across the street in downtown Fargo. Defendant claimed that our client was not in a crosswalk when the collision happened. Our client suffered substantial injuries.


Auto Accident

After our client suffered an aggravation of previous injuries and the development of new injuries from a defendant running a red light, the Solberg Stewart Miller team was able to obtain an $85,000 settlement.


Back Injury

After the defendant veered off the road causing our client’s car to roll, we were able to obtain $50,000 (policy limits) for the back injuries that our client endured.


Slip and Fall

Our client was injured when he slipped on an icy entryway to a hotel. Our team sued the hotel for failure to maintain a safe entry and attained $50,000 on behalf of our client.


Neck and Back Injuries

After our client was hit by an uninsured driver, our team of attorneys was able to obtain $29,000 from the client’s own uninsured coverage to help with their neck and back injuries.


Neck Injury

After the defendant rear-ended our client’s car at a stoplight, we were able to obtain $25,000 (policy limits) to compensate for our client’s neck injuries.



Our client suffered a severe laceration on her foot when she fell through a safety device at a hotel pool. We were able to obtain $25,000 (Policy Limits) on her behalf.