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Compensation For Truck Accidents In North Dakota

Have you or someone close to you been involved in a wreck with a truck? Large commercial trucks are vital components of our economy, but they are also known to pose immense risks due to their size, weight, and difficulty to operate and maintain.

If you have been in an accident with a big rig, there is a chance you have suffered severe and maybe even permanent injuries that require extensive and costly medical treatment – perhaps for life.

At Solberg Stewart Millerr, our Fargo truck accident attorneys can help you attain the compensation, medical treatment, and justice you deserve, no matter how serious your condition is. We represent injured clients throughout North Dakota and Minnesota.

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Types Of Truck Accidents

There are many types of accidents that a truck may cause. Some of the most common include:

  • Blind spots: A truck’s blind spots are large, so if a driver isn’t being careful, they may steer their truck directly into another nearby vehicle.
  • Head on: Head-on collisions with large trucks are extremely devastating.
  • Jackknife: Jackknifing describes what happens when a large truck folds into itself to form a 90-degree angle between the can and the trailer. This is usually caused by the force of a driver braking too hard and too suddenly.
  • Lost load: If a truck has been improperly loaded with freight, or the truck’s goods somehow otherwise become loose, the truck can lose balance and hit nearby cars.
  • Rear-end: If a truck driver isn’t paying attention and drives into the back of another vehicle, the motorist in front can suffer catastrophic injuries due to the weight of the truck.
  • Rollover: When a truck driver loses control of their vehicle, it can slide and roll over. These accidents also take many other vehicles down with them.
  • T-bone: T-bone accidents tend to happen when a truck driver runs a red light and hits another vehicle perpendicularly as a result.
  • Tire blowout: Tire blowouts can happen to any vehicle if a tire is punctured or not well maintained. Since this usually causes a truck driver to lose control, surrounding vehicles are at risk.
  • Underride: When a vehicle becomes lodged under a truck’s trailer during an accident, this is called an underride. Underrides are generally the deadliest truck accidents.
  • Wide turn: A truck driver can trap vehicles or even pedestrians if they make a wide turn too wide.

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