Motorcyclists At Greater Risk For Rear End Collisions

On Behalf of | May 29, 2013 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are almost always more serious and result in fatality more frequently than vehicle accidents. But there are special risks that motorcyclists face when they are out on the road. One of the major issues that motorcyclists face is driver distraction. Drivers not used to watching out for motorcycles and maintaining a safe distance from motorcycle riders are frequently at fault for accidents between motorcycles and cars.

Now, one manufacturer is trying to improve the safety of motorcycle riding. Since motorcycles slow down much faster than cars do, they are at greater risk of being rear-ended by vehicles. And, of of course, any collision between a motorcycle and a vehicle can result in serious injuries or death. That’s why Vololights is attempting to get a new rear lighting system on the market that will allow motorcyclists to warn vehicles they are going to stop. Motorcycle drivers do not have to use their breaks as much as vehicles do to come to a stop. That’s why many vehicles, who are used to looking for brake lights to warn them when to stop, run into motorcycles from behind.

Currently, motorcyclists are warned about this specific rear-ending danger and told to pump their breaks before coming to a stop so their brake lights can warn vehicles they are stopping. However, Vololights is attempting to bring a light kit to the market that cyclists can attach to their motorcycle. The Vololights system will automate the brake light flashes and allow motorcycle drivers to warn vehicle drivers of their imminent stop. The product is still not on the market, so until it becomes a reality motorcyclists are on their own to try and protect themselves from rear-end collisions.

If you have been injured as a result of a rear-end collision and have questions about your accident or damages to you, your motorcycle or passengers it is recommended that you seek legal advice. The experienced attorneys at the Solberg Stewart Miller law firm in Fargo, ND are leaders in litigation regarding motorcycle and auto accidents.