Teens Street Survival Program Aims To Reduce Accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2014 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You’ve heard all the statistics and jabs about teen drivers. And, for the most part, they are true. The number one killer of teens is still motor vehicle accidents. Over 5,000 teens per year lose their lives this way. The combination of inexperience and youth can be deadly when it comes to driving.

And this problem has only been exacerbated by the use of cellphones and other devices. States around the country are stepping up efforts to warn and protect teens from driving while: under the influence, texting, talking, speeding. The television and radio show ad, after ad, warning of the horrific consequences of teen motor vehicle accidents. Teen drivers maneuvering roadways, weather conditions, nighttime or daytime driving, and distractions have a much more difficult time of recovering vehicle control in an emergency. It can be easy to see how the teen death rate is so high when you consider the main factors in teen crashes are velocity, distraction, and experience.

That’s why a new program for teen drivers is making such an impact. Tire Rack Street Survival National Program is taking extra steps to prepare teen drivers for the perils of the road. The manager of the program says that most teen deaths occur due to a lack of experience with a particular driving scenario, such as correcting a skid. Since it takes most people five years of driving to become average drivers, a new teen driver may not have the time to become “average” in skills before he/she may have to encounter a dangerous driving scenario right away.

In the Tire Rack Street Survival National Program, students learn to drive in a variety of hands-on scenarios with trained instructors in the car with the teen. Besides the instructors, there are knowledgeable coaches and volunteers, many of whom have expert driving experience, who lend their time to prevent teen deaths by teaching real-life driving skills.

By teaching teens in real-world situations and while using their own car, they become skilled at handling different driving scenarios and the limits of their own vehicle. Teens are taught to drive defensively and anticipate dangers for themselves and from other drivers as well. Teens who enter the program should already know how to drive, but the program promises to improve their skills and safety.

Despite programs like this one, accidents still happen. A legal expert can help you defend the rights of your teen while you and your family recover and heal. If you have questions about an accident it is recommended that you seek experienced legal advice. The personal injury attorneys at the Solberg Stewart Miller law firm in Fargo, ND are leaders in litigation regarding auto accidents.

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