April Showers Bring May Accidents

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Spring has sprung and the warm weather has everything blooming, including the number of auto accidents. What is it about spring that makes people more prone to accidents?

The truth is that there are many factors that contribute to higher accident rates during the springtime. Fall time accident rates are similar to spring, although spring is still the highest season. But, why not summer, for example?

In spring, people begin to relax and let down their guard. Normally, drivers are defensive to avoid accidents, but something happens during the spring where drivers become a bit more carefree. Part of that is because of the change of light and weather. The additional sunlight allows us to see better. Also, the snow is all melted and there are no icy roadways to contend with. When winter conditions are present, treacherous roads make for very cautious drivers. However, when spring comes, better visibility and confidence on the road make spring accidents more likely.

Keep in mind, you are not the only one feeling a bit giddy about spring. Other drivers are making the same excited mistake of thinking that they can be less careful on the roads just because the tulips are peeking through the ground. But, don’t be fooled! Here are some driving tips that should keep you safer on the roadways in the spring:

Stay Alert!

Just because you have more sunlight does not necessarily translate into greater visibility. Your eyes need to adjust to sunlight so have proper eyewear available to help you block out excess sunlight. Make sure to drive defensively all year round. Don’t save your defensive driving for cold weather only.

Slow Down

Revved motors and faster driving is typical springtime behavior for many teen drivers and even adults. Don’t get caught up in the rush. Just because roadways are noticed over and you can drive faster, doesn’t mean you should. Let the people in a hurry pass you, stay calm on the road, and enjoy your travel time without rushing.

Report Accidents

Make sure to notify someone of an accident, whether or not you are involved. If you suffer an auto accident, make sure to notify the police and your insurance company right away. Take pictures of the accident scene right away and move cars off the roadway if possible. This may prevent others from getting into an accident too. Mark the roadway with signs or flares to help alert traffic. But always remember your safety first!

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