A Warning for Parents About Children’s Toys

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2020 | Personal Injury

For parents, there is nothing more important that the health, well being, and happiness of their children. We nurture, educate, and play with our children to help them grow. But, sometimes the toys of childhood can be unsafe, and many times, life-threatening.

A recent Times article blasted toy manufacturer Fisher-Price for their recall of 7 million toddler tricycles featuring Barbie and Dora the Explorer. The trikes were equipped with a protruding fake ignition key which resulted in genital injuries for many children. In addition to the trykes, Fisher-Price also recalled infant activity centers which posed choking hazards, with three reported choking incidents. They also issued a recall of over 900 thousand high chairs because the pegs on the backs of the chair caused injuries.

Although the well-known manufacturer apologized to its customers and offered refunds, parents should still concerned. The number of safety issues with toys manufactured have continued high. Parents can still remember the recall of toys manufactured in China containing lead, for example. And the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) continues to issue new warnings and recalls all the time.

Despite this, most parents won’t find out that a recalled product is sitting in their child’s playroom, laying on their bed, or riding next to them in the car, until it’s too late. That’s because since the advent of cable, dish, satellite, internet and social media there is no one centralized place that most people get their news. Parents today need to “childproof” their homes in a new way – by checking the CPSC website regularly and again after making purchases that could affect their children’s safety.

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