Facebook and Youtube Helps Angry Consumers Find Justice

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2020 | Defective Drugs And Medical Devices

When a consumer is unsatisfied with a product, there are a variety of things they can do. Returning the product for a refund is one. Calling the company to complain, if that is an option, is another. But, now consumers are turning to the internet and social media for help.

A news story on WFAA-TV in Dallas/Fort Worth last year found that women in Midlothian, Texas used social media to band together to sue Unilever, the maker of Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion 30-Day Smoothing Kit, a product that has since been removed from the market.

In total, 14 women from Texas are suing Unilever for damages ranging from melted hair, discoloration, breakage, and hair loss. When Tonja Millet of Midlothian, Texas used this Suave product in her hair she was brought to tears. She called the company to complain that the product had melted her hair, but was told she used it incorrectly.

At first, Millet thought her only options were to cut her hair and hide out in her home until it grew back. Fortunately, went online and found people complaining about the same problems on Facebook and Youtube. A special group on Facebook had formed to log complaints about the product. Millet and others were later able to bring a lawsuit against the company and the product that harmed them. The complaint and actions by the consumers also caused the company to take the product off the market, potentially saving countless other people from the same damaging effects to their hair.

Using the internet and social media is a good way to research if there are others complaining about the same products, to learn about product recalls, and also about class actions or other remedies.

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