Campaign strives to emphasize motorcycle safety in North Dakota

On Behalf of | May 24, 2023 | Firm News

Motorcycles are a common sight on North Dakota roads, particularly in the spring and summer. Riders who enjoy getting on their bikes and the freedom that goes along with it do so with the expectation that others on the road will keep fundamental safety practices in mind.

Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Motorcyclists are at great risk for severe injuries and death when they are in a collision with a passenger vehicle or a truck. Even if there is no crash, a driver who cuts in front of a rider or forces them to veer off can be the catalyst for an accident. Those who were injured or had a loved one lose their lives should consider how to address challenges they could face in the aftermath.

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month hopes to reduce the number of accidents

Safety advocates and law enforcement have been so concerned about this problem that initiatives have been put in place to draw attention to motorcycle safety. This led to the creation of Motorcycle Awareness Month for May.

Statistically, there were 189 motorcycle accidents in the state in 2021 – the most recent comprehensive numbers available. In those accidents, 181 people suffered injuries. Eight people were killed. Many times, drivers who were involved in a motorcycle accident say they did not see the rider. That could be due to distraction, behaving recklessly or speeding.

Law enforcement is encouraging everyone – riders and others on the road – to be attentive, follow the law and take safety precautions. Part of that is based on Vision Zero, which is a program that hopes to eventually eliminate all motor vehicle injuries and deaths. Though this is a lofty objective, if people adhere to the basics, advocates believe it can be achieved.

People hurt after a motorcycle accident may need qualified guidance

Any motor vehicle accident can have serious consequences, but motorcycle accidents are often far worse than other types of crashes. The riders are not granted any protection as they would be if they were in a car or truck. This can lead to major injuries and even death.

Among the concerns people face include the medical expenses, an inability to support a family, recovery time, wondering if they will need help for small and large tasks, and other issues. The incident must be professionally assessed with the injured person’s interests in mind. Having local and professional assistance that cares about people in North Dakota and the surrounding areas can determine a path forward and fight to achieve a positive result.