Common farm accidents can lead to serious injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2023 | Personal Injury

Farming provides food on our tables and is a significant factor in our economy, providing employment for agricultural workers throughout the country. However, farm work involves using several types of machinery, which can cause various accidents.

Common accidents

Machinery accidents can involve overturned tractors, catching loose clothing or hair in a machine, and collisions between farm vehicles and equipment or buildings. If farm workers take care of animals, they can be hurt if they are kicked or bitten by them.

They can also have hearing damage from exposure to loud machinery, suffer from burns and electric shock if the equipment is faulty, and chemical exposure from treatments used on the farm, like fertilizers or pesticides. Workers can trip on uneven surfaces and fall from ladders or lofts. They may also have to be especially careful in small spaces if they work near a silo or storage facility.


Farm workers can experience fractures and broken bones, bruises, and abrasions. These can be caused by sharp objects, machinery, tools and other equipment. They may also suffer from respiratory issues from dust, toxic fumes and other chemicals.

If workers are crushed in machinery or by a large animal, it can cause catastrophic damage to their head, back and spine, which can cause them to be paralyzed or have long-term care needs.

In serious accidents, workers may need amputation of their limbs, fingers or other body parts. There are significant medical costs associated with farm injuries and the worker may want to pursue compensation, which can provide them with financial support while they heal.