Road safety at the center of North Dakota lawmaker debate

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In North Dakota, auto accidents happen for a litany of reasons. Lawmakers strive to implement laws that will improve safety for everyone. In some instances, there is dispute as to how best to reduce crashes.

Speeding is believed to be a major factor in accidents. The failure to wear seat belts is also viewed as a reason people suffer severe injuries and lose their lives. To improve safety, a bill from the state House or Representatives would have raised the speed limit. It was vetoed by Gov. Doug Burgum. The seat belt enforcement bill has passed.


These are important when looking at accidents in the context of how they happen and in trying to prevent them or reduce their severity. Additionally, anyone taking to the state roads needs to consider their rights after an accident.

How safety is impacted by speeding and failure to wear seat belts

The new speed limit would have risen to 80 mph from 75 mph. The governor vetoed it because of the Vision Zero program that is designed to lower traffic fatalities and the higher speed limit would undermine that objective.

In 2022, there were 98 road fatalities in the state. This was the best year for road safety in two decades. According to the governor, higher speed limits will raise the chance of an accident and can make the impact of a collision worse.

Between 2017 and 2021, there’re were 178 fatalities that were believed to have been attributed to speeding and aggressiveness on the road. Driving at an excessive speed based on the road conditions plays a role in between 30% and 40% of fatal accidents annually.

Regarding seat belts, the bill would make it mandatory for everyone in a motor vehicle to wear their seat belt. Statistically, seat belt use is shown to reduce the severity of injuries and prevent fatalities. More than half of the road deaths from 2017 to 2021 involved a person who was not buckled up.

Auto accidents cause long-term problems and people often need experienced help

As the debate shows, road safety is a topic of significant dispute as to how best to avoid accidents and mitigate their damage when they do occur. Supporters of the changes and those who oppose them can cite statistics and reasons for their position. Regardless, it is known how damaging collisions can be.

People who have been hurt or lost a loved one in an auto accident should be fully aware of how it can affect their lives and know they have options. Legal assistance can be critical to recovering financially for medical costs, lost wages and aftercare. Calling for a consultation can give information and help with a claim.